Start your Escape To Paradise TODAY!
Get Flip Flops in The Sand Flash One-on-One Coaching!

Learn To Live Like An Islander!

I invite you to my home for a 1-on-1 coaching session to discuss your unique situation and what you want and need in your journey to paradise.

I will give you a tour of my comfortable 2-bedroom rental home, so you can see what a typical island-style home in Isla looks like. We will enjoy drinks and happytizers on my rooftop patio while we create a customized action plan to help you start on your journey to live in paradise.

I will answer all your questions, make referrals to attorneys or realtors, give introductions to medical providers and other service providers, provide priceless information on your immigration options - even help to schedule your appointment at your local Mexican consulate!

Can't make it to Isla?  No problem.  We can meet on Zoom at your convenience to speak face-to-face to help you on your journey to paradise!

Then we will plan the next steps of your journey to Escape To Paradise!

  •  Do you want to start on a structured learning program right now from home?
  • ​Do you want to schedule your week-long Ultimate Island Adventure where you live like an islander in an apartment or hotel – your choice?
  • Are you ready to really test the waters before taking the plunge with a month-long Beta Test?
  • Or are you ready to take the leap and move to paradise? If so, I will guide you step-by-step through every phase of the process, holding your hand the whole way!

Your first Flip Flops in The Sand Flash Coaching session can be held here in Isla at my home at your convenience – or by Zoom from your armchair back home. We will spend up to 2 hours together to get you started on your journey.

It’s your time to 
  • Seek Resources
  • Discuss your concerns and fears
  • ​And plan your next steps

YOU guide the sessions!

Register RIGHT NOW so you can get your questions and concerns addressed today!

It’s just $200 for 2 hours and, $100 additional per hour – so let’s get going right now! 

Steve loved learning about the option to run away - and to experience life in paradise in person!

Dawn loves life in paradise - and savors all that Isla has to offer. She splits her time between her home in Austin and her spot on the beach in Isla for the best of both worlds.

Lisa is now ready to plan her move to paradise. Leaning about the options and experiencing life first hand takes away the fear of the unknown.

Sienna realizes how much happier her parents are when they are in paradise - and fully supports their desire to escape to paradise!

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