Launch Your BETA Test
30 Days in Paradise to Test the Waters Before You Take The Plunge

30 Days 'Living Like a Local' To Give You The Certainty to Move

Is it finally time to test the waters to make sure that life in paradise is what you want?

If so, this is your chance to live like a local to see for yourself if paradise is right for you today.

Your Beta Test is the final step before pulling the trigger to move to paradise.

It's your reality check where you let go of the fantasy, and embrace the reality of a different way of life.

And the great news?  You can live like an islander for what you would spend on a week's vacation!

Today your dream can become a reality! 

Experience a whole month - or more - living like an islander, learning to thrive on the local economy not as a tourist, but as a local resident.

We'll help you rent an apartment, get settled in with all your needs, learn where and how to shop, introduce you to dozens of expats, help you get involved in local activities, and learn the ropes of life in paradise.

 At the end of your runaway month, you will know for sure if this is the life for you, so you can finally escape to paradise for good!

30 Days That Will Change Your Life

This is the critical next stage in your plan to escape to paradise - your BETA TEST. It's your trial run to test the waters before taking the plunge.

You will have the unique opportunity to live like a local to experience what a permanent or part time move to paradise will feel like. Living in your own apartment, shopping for groceries, doing your own laundry, getting around on your own - the experience is much different from that of being a tourist. And it can be even more fun!

And you get to live that experience in one of the most sought-after locales in the world - a white sandy beach island, where the Gulf of Mexico kisses the Caribbean Sea - just 7 miles due west of Cancun in Mexico. You will have the opportunity to explore the island by golf cart, taste fresh-caught seafood, and dig your toes into powder white sand while sipping your frosty margarita or ice cold beer.. 

Most importanly, you will have the time to meet and talk with dozens of other expats to learn about their experiences and suggestions directly from them. You will have lots of time to explore all the quaint stores, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and hidden touristic jewels, and every day swim and sun on one of the 9 best beaches of the world – according to Conde Nast.

And if you plan to work remotely in paradise, this is the chance to verify that you can do your job while living in paradise. We will make sure you have access to great internet and Wi-Fi for smoking hot connections, and introduce you to other professionals who work here also to serve as inspiration and role models. Need to explore remote work opportunities? We will brainstorm to learn your needs, and help you connect with others to find the work you love - and can do in paradise! 

Plan Your BETA TEST When It Suits Your Needs

There is no set date or inflexible schedule to choose from, Pick any 30 day period, and we will make it work. It may be convenient to book a calendar month - from the first through the last day of the month - but it's okay to start your Beta Test mid-month.

Seasonality may be a consideration as well.

The late fall, winter, and spring (October - April) is temperate weather-wise, where you can often spend days and nights with the windows and patio doors wide open to the ocean breezes. Starting mid-December, tourists abound, and there is something going on every day and night. Hidalgo, the walking street, is packed with tourists, and you may need a reservation to get into your favorite restaurant. Lounges at your favorite beach club may be hard to get, and parking on narrow streets becomes a real challenge.

The late spring and summer are hot and steamy, you will run the air conditioning day and night, and everyone lives in a bathing suit for frequent dips in the ocean or pool. The tourists are gone, and there is a warm and friendly network of locals and expats that have the time to visit, go fishing, swim and snorkel, and sit sipping beer under a palm tree or watch the sunset from their roof top balconies The island is a riot of color as plants and flowering trees explode in blossoms. 

September and October are laid-back months, when many businesses close for a week or two for collective vacations and annual maintenance. It's easy to book a small fishing trip with the locals or enjoy a massage on the beach at sunset.

May through September is whale shark season, and you will definitely want to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with these gentle monsters in the deep ocean waters.

If you've already visited Isla during tourist season, you may wish to do your Beta Test during a completely different season to get a feel for year-round life.

Let's hop on a call to discuss your preferences and pick the time that is right for you.

Meet Your Runaway Sherpa

I am Diane Huth, your Runaway Sherpa, as I personally guide you through day-to-day life on a tiny sun-kissed island, Isla Mujeres - the Island of Women! - just 7 miles due east of Cancun in Mexico. 
I  am the award-winning author of The Grown Ups Guide To Running Away From Home, and the host of the Escape To Paradise Today Podcast. I will give you the insiders’ scoop to learn how you too can live a joy-filled worry-free life in paradise at any age.

Meet Your Escape To Paradise  Beta Test Team

Paul Doane, Your Canadian Escape to Paradise Expert

Paul moved to paradise in 2020 from Ontario, and never looked back.  He is your expert for all things related to Canada, and will bend over backwards to make your adventure unforgettable and life transformative. As a former realtor for 20 years, he can provide lots of insight on housing and property purchases and maintenance

Rogelio 'Roger' Chuc, Your Local Guide in Paradise

Rogelio is an island native, and speaks perfect English and Spanish.  For 13 years, he was the General Manager of one of the most exclusive  boutique hotels in Isla, and knows every secret beach, outstanding restaurant, amazing hole in the wall eatery, and how and where to find anything you want.  He will be your personal tour guide and concierge

An Amazing Month-long Discovery Adventure For The Cost Of A Week's Vacation Alone!

Your 30-Day BETA TEST Island Adventure Includes:

Pre-trip Escape To Paradise Training and Mentoring

  • Instant Access to Weekly Live Coaching Program - $395 Value
  • eBook - The GrownUps Guide To Running Away From Home
  • Paperback - The GrowUps Guide To Running Away From Home - Mailed to your home
  • Pre-trip - private coaching call with Diane - $200 value each
  • Pre-trip - private coaching call with Paul - $150 value each

Lodging and Transporation

  • 30 days in a comfortable 1 bedroom l monthly vacation rental with airconditioning
  • 1-2 days hotel stay upon arrival to select rental (deducted from your 30-day rental)
  • Private car transfer from Cancun airport to Puerto Juarez

  • Reception at Isla Mujeres Ferry Terminal, transfer to hotel

  • Golf cart rental up to 3 days

Getting Settled in Your New Home

  • Welcome overview tour by car, including lunch or dinner
  • Visit preselected apartments to choose the one for you

  • Luggage transfer to your new home

  • Starter package of kitchen staples

  • Tech set up in your temporary home - logins, passwords

  • Escorted shopping trip to Chedraui to stock kitchen

  • Location of laundry services

  • Location of nearby shopping, services, restaurants, salons, and more

Settling in Socially - Meeting People

  • Lunch and dinner on your first 3 days in paradise with Diane and Paul
  • Welcome cocktail get together to meet other islanders
  • Daily meetings, excursions , and beach club visits with Diane / Paul for first week
  • Weekly roof top sunset cocktails to discuss progress

  • Weekly lunches or meetings final 3 weeks of Beta Test
  • Help finding sporting activities to engage in - tennis, walking, yoga, crossfit, gyms, personal trainers, shoot pool, etc

  • Sports night at Snappers with Paul
  • Escorted visits to 2 fundraisers or special events to meet fun new people

Excursions and Sight Seeing

  • Shopping excursion - Municipal Market
  • Shopping excursion - Arts and Crafts Market
  • Shopping excursion - Beading Cooperative, Art Fair 
  • ​Visit to the Tortugranja Turtle Preserve
  • ​Visit to Isla Animals Dog  Adotion Center
  • ​Visit to Isla Vet Clinic to meet a great vet and visit the kittie adoption center
  • Help renting car in Cancun - optional

  • Escorted shopping excursion in Cancun - optional 
  • Afternoon visits to 3 favorite beach clubs
  • Visits to 3 live music venues
  • Help arranging optional travel and excursions

Meeting the Local Service Providers if Desired

  • Meet Dr. Arit of American Medical Clinic
  • Meet Dra. Greta - your local MD - optional

  • Enrollment in Lakeside Medical GroupHealthcare program for PPO-type insurance based on your primary insurance carrier back home
  • ​Phone consultation with insurance agent Jeff Goble who specializes in insurance for Expats in Mexico to review your medical  insurance options
  • Meet Dra. Victoria - local dentist  with Splash Dental - optional

  • Meet Dr. Ben - chiropractor  with an office on a boat in a marina - optional
  • Meet an immigration attorney - optional

  • Meet a realtor - optional

  • Customized introductions to other professionals as needed

Much Deserved Pampering

  • 1 hour full body massage on the beach or at home

  • Manicure and pedicure 

Final Week Wrap Up - Make Your Go/No Go Decision

  • Detailed evaluation of BETA TEST results and next steps 

  • Create detailed action plan for relocation

  • Find a long-term rental - optional

  • Meet with immigration attorney - optional

  • Meeting with a banker to open a local bank account - optional

  • Help cleaning out apartment - we will handle the left overs

  • Farewell dinner

  • Tranportation to ferry terminal

  • Prepaid "Sad Ferry" ticket to Cancun

  • Private car transportation to the Cancun airport

  • Interview on Escape To Paradise Podcast - priceless

This is a structured learning experience with extensive personal coaching, group mentoring, dozens of detailed informative training videos, scores of bird's eye view videos of life in paradise, and written material, worksheets, checklists, exercises, and more.  

It  will provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make an informed decision and plan your escape to Paradise!  It is life changing!  Hear from others who have experienced the learning, and are now actively planning to live their dream life!

Steve loved learning about the option to run away - and to experience life in paradise in person!
Lisa is now ready to plan her move to paradise.  Leaning about the options and experiencing life first hand takes away the fear of the unknown.
Sienna realizes how much happier her parents are when they are in paradise - and fully supports their desire to excape to paradise!

I will walk you step-by-step through every aspect of learning how to run away from home to live and thrive in paradise!
You fear what you don't know - it's just human nature.  

So when you learn from an expert, you quickly and efficiently learn all the key information to make an informed decision about your future.

And by seeing and experiencing visually what to expect, you can abandon the fear of the unknown to gain the certainty you need to move forward with your life.

Join us for this life-transforming experience!

More Details About Your Trip

  • Up to 30 days lodging and one-on-one mentoring while exploring life in Paradise with author Diane Huth, The Runaway Sherpa.
  • Airfare to and from Cancun International Airport not included
  • ​3 different pricing options for a budget you can live with .Your initial  refundable deposit reserves your booking, as availability is limited. Payment plans are available, with the full balance due no less than 1 week before scheduled arrival date.
  • ​Optional 3 day 2 night excursion through the Maya Riviera to explore other seaside towns and fishing villages for an additional charge.
  • ​Make sure you advise us in advance of any dietary restrictions, preferences or allergies in advance to ensure that you enjoy amazing and delicious meals every time
  • ​Optional scuba, snorkeling, boating and sailing excursions available for an added charge
  • ​You must have a valid passport, and plan to fly to Cancun as the land border is currently closed to traffic
  • ​Covid testing is available on the island, and we will escort you and remain with you while getting tested no more than 72 hours before your return flight
  • ​This itinerary is dependent upon the weather, local availability of resources, and health and well being concerns, and may need to be adjusted due to conditions outside our control. We will bend over backwards to deliver a remarkable life-changing experience you will rave about for years, and reserve the right to adjust or modify arrangements as needed.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a call to discuss your plans, questions or concerns

No, I don't want this amazing training. I'm happy with my current life  and I don't want to live on a white sandy beach in paradise.
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