3 Plans to Fit Into Any Budget

We offer 3 different plans to help you gain all the insight you need to  consider reinventing your life to escape to paradise. The key difference is the type of housing, and golf cart rentals, which  are fixed costs we will cover on your behalf.  

We highly suggest you plan your Beta Test 'Off Season' - from April 15 - Dec 15, to avoid the hectic tourist season when most good rentals are already booked in advance at exhorbitant rates. If you do choose to come during 'High Season' Dec 15 - April 15, add $500 to your budget to pay for the higher seasonal housing and golf cart rental prices.

1. Economy - Choose to spend your month in paradise in a very beautiful and contemporary hostel located right on the water, sleeping in a shared room with several other people.  This is the optimal solution for adventuresome visitors on a shoestring budget who are planning to spend their days at the pool or beach, enjoying ocean sports, exercising, scuba diving, or working online in the airconditioned co-working space.  There is a communal kitchen, library, exercise pavilion, a stunning pool overlooking the Caribbean sea, a lovely open air restaurant, and so much more.  The Selina hostel is located in 'Centro' just 3 blocks from North Beach. You will love it!  Just $1,995 for a full 30 days!

2. Standard - You will be housed in a comfortable 1 bedroom furnished apartment, with air conditioning, a basic kitchen and a small patio.  This is most representative of how you may want to live in paradise long term.  You will be just a $2 taxi ride from North Beach, living in one of the "Colonias" or residential neighborhoods mid-island.  We will put you up in a hotel for up to 2 days to have time to  visit and select your apartment. Plus we will provide you with 2 days of a private golf cart rental to really explore this beautiful island on your own. Just $2995.

3. Platinum - If you upgrade to Platinum, you will stay in an upscale rental on the water with an ocean view, and also receive a 4-day golf cart rental. Plus you will be invited to an exclusive dinner at Limon, Isla's best luxury restaurant. AND...you will be invited to be interviewed on the Escape To Paradise Podcast!  Just $3995.

Whichever plan you choose, I'm excited for you, and know you will love your month-long Beta Test.

YOUR GUARANTEE - You can receive a full refund of your purchase up to 2 weeks prior to your travel date, or up to 1 week in advance due to a severe medical emergency.

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