Escape to Paradise 7-Day 
Ultimate Island Adventure

7 Days ‘Flip Flops in the Sand’ Immersion That Will Change Your Life Forever - It's a Vacation With a Purpose!

Do You Dream Of Running Away From Home, Escaping The Harsh Winters?

And Living On A Pristine White Sandy Beach On A Tropical Island In Paradise?

Today your dream can become a reality! 

Experience a week living barefoot on the beach like an islander, getting the insider scoop into how to earn dollars, spend pesos, and live in paradise like royalty – on any budget.  Banish the fear of the unknown, and embrace a brilliant future life you've always dreamed of.

7 Days That Will Change Your Life

You will explore the off-the-beaten-path treasures of this tiny sun-kissed island off the coast of Cancun, taste fresh caught seafood, slurp icy margaritas while digging your toes into powder white sand,  and swim and sun on one of the 9 best beaches of the world – according to Conde Nast.

A Unique Learning Vacation for a Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

While this week-long vacation is a deliciously-relaxing and enjoyable retreat, it is so much more. The purpose is to give you a profound immersion into life in paradise, to see if running away from home to live to paradise on this tiny island in the tropics is right for you. Each day is filled with exploration of unique locations, delicious fresh-cooked meals, afternoons spent at exquisite beaches and amazing beach clubs, and evenings of live music and laid back living. 

 But it's also structured to present valuable learning in the morning sessions while looking out onto a beautiful beach, along with opportunities to meet doctors, lawyers, realtors, and more, and visit typical homes of other expats to get a bird's eye view into life in paradise.  You will learn about many local non-profit organizations that are the backbone of the island, and meet other expats who have successfully moved to paradise to build a joy-filled life on a shoestring budget. Plus you will meet working professionals who hold down jobs and build businesses as digital nomads, so they can live and work in paradise for the best of all worlds.

Choose From Multiple Dates in 2021 and 2022

We host you in our island paradise one week a month, so you have  your choice of lots of convenient dates to escape to paradise.  Pick the dates that best meet your needs and availability. And if something comes up and you need to change dates, no problems - you can apply your deposit to any other retreat date in the future. Upcoming dates include:
  • Dec. 11 - 18 - Las Posadas Christmas Celebrations
  • Jan 22 - 30 - Enjoy fabulous temperate weather
  • ​April  9 - 18 - You deserve a spring break
  • ​May 1 - 7 - Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico!
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Or request a custom date on the next page

The next great adventure is starting soon!  Make sure you register now to hold you place as space is limited!

Meet Your Runaway Sherpa

I am Diane Huth, your Runaway Sherpa, and I personally guide you through day-to-day life on the tiny sun-kissed island of Isla Mujeres - the Island of Women! - just 7 miles due east of Cancun in Mexico. 
I  am the award-winning author of The Grown Ups Guide To Running Away From Home, and a frequent guest on radio programs and podcasts sharing insights into running away from home to live in paradise.
 I will give you the insiders’ scoop to learn how you too can live a joy-filled worry-free life in paradise at any age.

Paul Doane, Your Canadian Escape to Paradise Expert

Paul moved to paradise in 2020 from Ontario, and never looked back.  He is your expert for all things related to Canada, and will bend over backwards to make your adventure unforgettable and life transformative. As a former realtor for 20 years, he can provide lots of insight on housing and property purchases and maintenance

Captain Randy Luedtke, US Tour Organizer and Travel Pro

Randy is a well-know tour organizer from Minnesota, and is responsible for creating legendary experiences including The Prince Tour, excursions to Mall of The Americas, and fun and sun adventure excursions to Lake Waconia. He will be on hand to help ensure your trip is amazing, and solve any logistic problem that arises

Rogelio 'Roger' Chuc, Your Local Guide in Paradise

Rogelio is an island native, and speaks perfect English and Spanish.  For 13 years, he was the General Manager of one of the most exclusive  boutique hotels in Isla, and knows every secret beach, outstanding restaurant, amazing hole in the wall eatery, and how and where to find anything you want.  He will be your personal tour guide and concierge

Your Week-Long Island Adventure Includes:


  • Hotel - 6 nights and 7 days double occupancy in a comfortable double room with bath in a laid back 3 star beachfront island hotel, with a mini refrigerator in each room, free Wi-Fi in the  lobby and beautiful pool area, and the best bartender in the island

  • ​Transfer - Private luxury transfer to and from the Cancun International Airport and the Puerto Juarez Ferry terminal with an English-speaking driver - you are responsible for airfare to and from Cancun 
  • Ferry Ride - A round trip 17- minute ferry ride to paradise – sit inside in comfortable air conditioning, or  on the upper deck with wind in your hair and listen to live music while flying over the tourmaline water
  • Reception in Isla - Pick up at the ferry terminal and transfer to your hotel
  • Local transportation to all events and outings - by private car or  golfcart!


  • Welcome basket of fresh fruit, beverages, snacks, treats and souvenirs
  • Sunday night meet and greet cocktail reception – Meet and greet your guides and fellow visitors upon arrival

  • 4 delicious group lunches featuring local ingredients, amazing fresh fruit, and delicious just-caught seafood, and other island favorites
    • 8 amazing group dinners at different restaurants to showcase the amazing culinary range from local fishermen preparing fresh-caught fish tikin xic (Mayan style cooked over wood flames)  to a gourmet meal from a 2-star Michelin chef
    • Shopping trip to Chedraui, the major grocery store on the island (like a small WalMart) to buy snacks and beverages to enjoy on your trip. You will be able to pick up items your forgot at home, souvenirs, beach towels and bathing suits, toiletries, sunscreen, and just about anything else you will need during your stay.


    • Monday morning guided tour around the island to get the lay of the land
        • Visit to the Mayan Ruins on windswept Punta Sur, where the Caribbean and the Bay of Cancun meet

        • Guided tour through the Island’s major supermarket to understand all that is available to buy
        • Shopping excursion at the Municipal Food Market where restauranteurs and local residents buy the freshest food for the day
        • Shopping excursion to the Arts and Craft Market to get the best deals on souvenirs and island attire
        • Visits to 3 different live music venues to enjoy the sounds of the island

        • Escorted evening walking tour of Hidalgo, visiting street shops, bars and restaurants

        • Visit to the Isla Mujeres Beading Cooperative to order amazing hand-made beaded jewelry 
        • Visits to 2 vet clinics and pet adoption centers - optional


        • eDaily training sessions to learn all you need to know to make an informed decision to move to paradise with confidence
        • Intimate birds eye tours to 4 different homes of expats living on the island to see the range of living accommodations to fit any budget, and learn about their amazing lifestyles in paradise
        • Meet and greets with  doctors, dentists, vets, realtors, an immigration attorney, and other professionals so you can learn about the quality of services you can enjoy while living in paradise
            • Meet local expats who have successfully made the move - so you can hear directly from them what their experiences have been and ask questions and create new friendships.
            • Additional surprise visits and excursions when available or in season – you will be constantly delighted with new unexpected adventures!

            • One-on-one coaching sessions with me to craft your runaway plan and determine next steps for success.


            • A 1- hour full body massage – on the beach!

            • Lots of free time to enjoy different beach clubs, rest and relax, cool off in the pool, enjoy the breathtaking ocean views, and swim in the amazing bathtub warm turquoise water.  We will visit 4 different beach clubs and several unique beaches for more fun in the sun than you could ever imagine!
            • Optional manicure and pedicure at a low island cost of around $15 right in your hotel room – you deserve it!
            • Additional surprise visits and excursions when available or in season – you will be constantly delighted with new unexpected adventures!

            Check out the daily calendar of events:

            Each event-packed day of your Ultimate Island Adventure includes valuable training, wonderful meals, free leisure afternoons for beach visits, amazing excursions, and delicous pampering opportuntiies.  You won't want to miss one minute of this spectacular event.

            Experience Flip Flops in the Sand!

            Your escape to paradise starts here!

            You will enjoy 7 days and nights in a laid back 3-star beachfront hotel with an amazing pool and stunning views of the ocean, drinking icy beer and frosted blended drinks, and savor amazing fresh cooked meals in charming restaurants perched on the turquoise ocean with breathtaking views and windswept patios. In the evenings, you will sway to the live music of talented local musicians performing in intimate venues you’ve only dreamed of before. And you will sun on a pristine powder white beach lapped by bathtub warm turquoise water.

            Vacation With a Purpose

            Learn how you too can escape to paradise and live like royalty for a fraction of what you spend today. 

            You will meet local residents, American and Canadian snowbirds, and adventure loving souls who left behind busy stress-filled lives to move to paradise - and never looked back!
            You will meet doctors, dentists, immigration attorneys and vets, working professionals and retirees alike, and visit different island homes to learn how life on an island can be amazingly freeing. 

            And if you decide that you too want to run away from home to live in paradise, your Runaway Sherpa will be by your side to guide you on your journey to freedom.

            More Details About Your Trip

            • Sunday through Saturday - 7 days, 6 nights, additional nights $100 each.
            • Airfare to and from Cancun International Airport not included.
            • ​Daily breakfast and 9 lunches or dinners are included.  You are responsible for all additional meals and all beverages.
            •  A fully-refundable $500 deposit reserves your booking, as availability is limited. Payment plans are available, with the full balance is due no less than 2 weeks before scheduled arrival date. Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to the event date will forfeit the deposit, unless demonstrated to be due to Covid infection, severe illness, family emergency, or similar critical event.
            • ​We will often order shareable meals and appetizers so you can sample tmany different amazing dishes, tastes and flavors of paradise without extended wait times. Make sure you advise us of any dietary restrictions, preferences or allergies in advance to ensure that you enjoy amazing and delicious meals every time.
            • ​Optional scuba, snorkeling, boating and sailing excursions, and pampering sessions available for an added charge.
            • ​You must have a valid passport, and plan to fly to Cancun as the land border is currently closed to traffic.
            • ​Covid testing is available on the island, and we will escort you and remain with you while getting tested no more than 72 hours before your return flight.  Cost is currently aroundUS  $30.
            • ​This itinerary is dependent upon the weather, local availability of resources, and health and well being concerns, and may need to be adjusted due to conditions outside our control. We will bend over backwards to deliver a remarkable life-changing experience you will rave about for years, and reserve the right to adjust or modify arrangements as needed.

            This is a structured learning experience with extensive personal coaching and small group mentoring, disguised as a delightful vacation in paradise. At the end of your week-long Vacation With a Purpose, you will know if island life is for you - and you will have a plan to make it happen faster than you ever imagined possible.

            This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make an informed decision and plan your escape to Paradise!  It is life changing!  Hear from others who have experienced the learning, and are now actively planning to live their dream life!

            See what others have said about this experience:

            Mickey is redesigning her life to add adventure and learning and art to achieve a more fulfilling life in retirement.

            Maureen is planning to move her medical practice online using telemedicine so she can raise her son in paradise without the stress and commute of life in America.

            Dawn loves life in paradise - and savors all that Isla has to offer.  She splits her time between her home in Austin and her spot on the beach in Isla for the best of both worlds.

            Steve loved learning about the option to run away - and to experience life in paradise in person!

            Susan just experienced her Flipflops in the Sand retreat,  and it gave her a whole new perspective on how to divide her time between the US and Mexico.

            Sienna realizes how much happier her parents are when they are in Isla - and fully supports their desire to escape to paradise!

            Trinna just rented her full-time apartment and is moving from Canada to Isla, while running her doggie day care business remotely by phone and internet.

            Lisa is now ready to plan her move to paradise. Leaning about the options and experiencing life first hand took away the fear of the unknown and allowed her to explore life in paradise.

            Randy has his next trip booked already, and is scheduling his winters in Mexico when the Minnesota cold weather shuts down his tourism business.

            I will walk you step-by-step through every aspect of learning how to run away from home to live and thrive in paradise!
            You fear what you don't know - it's just human nature.  

            So when you learn from an expert, you quickly and efficiently learn all the key information to make an informed decision about your future.

            And by seeing and experiencing what to expect, you can abandon the fear of the unknown to gain the certainty you need to move forward with your life.

            Join us for this life-transforming experience!

            Contact us for more information or to schedule a call to discuss your plans, questions or concerns

            Diane Huth
            The Runaway Sherpa

            Phone:(210) 601-7852

            Paul Doane
            Your Canadian Expert
            Phone:(210) 812-7302
            No, I don't want this amazing training. I'm happy with my current life  and I don't want to live on a white sandy beach in paradise.

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